Winter Time !

A rare winter storm has covered the park with a nice layer of snow (varying from 15 to 40 cm). It's been eight years since we've seen some serious snowfall in Hilversum. So now children can be seen playing around and riding their sleighs of the slopes in the distance. Since the forecast is for etreme cold weather with night temperatures dropping well below -10 C, the current view is expected to remain unchanged for the next few weeks. These cold conditions will also allow the Dutch to take up their favorite winter sport in a few days: ice skating! Plenty of lakes and canals around Hilversum will no doubt be crowded with people having ice cold fun. So be sure to visit other webcams in Western and Northern Holland to catch a piece of this fun!

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Hilversum is a town with a population of 80.000, just 40 km Southeast of Amsterdam. The town is often called "media city", since it is the principal centre for radio and television broadcasting in The Netherland. The webcam above faces East side of the Zeverijn Park, which originates from the days when the Gooi region was still densely wooded. Centuries ago, it bordered on vast marshes, extending from the town of Loosdrecht through ’s-Graveland, all the way to Naarden. Later, properties were bought and cultivated by rich gentry (mostly from Amsterdam but also from as far away as Germany), who built large country estates on them. In those days, the Zeverijn Park was part of the Birkenheuvel estate. Today it is a public leisure park, including a children's playground, soccer field and (sadly enough) even a snackbar. All these are only visible in the winter when the trees have lost their leaves.