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Summer has little to offer for our loyal cam visitors. From the beginning of June until mid-October, you will mostly be confronted with a wall of green, in all its varieties. In the Spring of 2004,  the park was given a serious overhaul, but ever since the results cutbacks in counsel spendings  can clearly be seen in the increase of dense undergrowth and shrubbery. Most occupants of the streets surrounding the park would prefer a clear view into the park, if only for a bit more light and the safety of small children playing in or on the various playing devices in the small playground. On summer nights, youth in their teens tend to gather in the park to chill, make some music and have some smokes & drinks. The neighbourhood looks upon it with mixed feelings,  although no harm has ever come of it. For that matter, despite it relative darkness at night, no serious criminal incidents have ever occured.