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The Zeverijn Park in Hilversum originates from the days when the Gooi region was still densely wooded. On both the East and West side, it bordered on vast marshes, extending from Loosdrecht through’s Graveland, all the way to Naarden.

In the 17th and 18th century, properties were bought and cultivated by rich gentry (mostly from Amsterdam but also from as far away as Germany), who built large country estates on them.

In those days, the Zeverijn Park was part of the  Birkenheuvel estate, reaching form the bottom of the Vaartweg  to Kortenhoef and Loosdrecht. In the 19th Century, the property was sold bit by bit and eventually built on. The current park is all that remains of the former estate.

According to some, this remaining piece of property was a gift from a baron (?) Zeverijn to the community of Hilversum. Or rather, sold at symbolic the price of 1 guilder, under the condition no building would take place on it. However, no records or deeds of such a fact cannot be traced.

During the Depression years of the early 20th Century, when the streets surrounding it (Wezellaan, Hermelijnlaan) were built, the grounds were developed as part of a government employment project. Nowadays, it is a protected area, with free access to all for walking and playing.

When the trees and bushes have lost their foliage, a playground and football (soccer) field can be seen in the distance on the Webcam 1 images. All webcam images are from the Wezellaan side of the park.

Unfortunately, two small buildings were allowed to be errected in the park at the end of last century: a snackbar and a ballet school (vaguely distinguisable in the winter as a white blurr on cam 1). Obviously not one of Hilversum City Counsel's finest decisions....